Rietveld Cottage best B&B 2016

badges_2016_4-Tulpen-plaats-1Rietveld Cottage wins prize in Best Bed & Breakfast

Hazerswoude-Dorp, June 8, 2016 – Bed and Breakfast Rietveld Cottage in Hazerswoude-Dorp on Wednesday, June 8th named best bed and breakfast in the four-class tulips by the Dutch Bed & Breakfast Classification. The property, a historic cotter’s farm in the Green Heart, scored last year, the highest number of points and earned the best reviews on Bedandbreakfast.nl. That’s Foundation Bed & Breakfast published Netherlands.

The class of 4 tulips is the second highest class of the classification system for Bed & Breakfasts. In determining the winners in this category looks Foundation Bed & Breakfast Netherlands to the scoring in the classification and review writing guests Bedandbreakfast.nl. S Rietveld Cottage earned the most points for the facilities and service.

Hidden gem
Bed and Breakfast Rietveld Cottage in Hazerswoude-village is a hidden gem in the Green Heart. The former stable of the cotter thatched farmhouse from 1886 has been converted into a cozy cottage for four guests. Just the way there is an experience, because the B & B can only be reached by motorboat. “Great sleep and breakfast, enjoyed the terrace and great dangers to the electric boat,” says enthusiastic guests in their review on Bedandbreakfast.nl. Rietveld Cottage average gets a 9.7 in the reviews.

“Bed and breakfasts are becoming increasingly popular and it is thanks to the dedication of B & B owners as Rene Verkade. With its cottages Rietveld Cottage he is the absolute top of the four-tulip category. Guests experienced a special hospitality, as evidenced by the enthusiastic reviews on Bedandbreakfast.nl. Everywhere bed and breakfasts in the Netherlands set the bar higher and higher for their facilities, decor and service. Accommodations as Rietveld Cottage know the expectations of guests to surpass again. Guests are not only surprised by the high quality, but are forever fan, “said Hanny Arens, President of Foundation Bed & Breakfast Netherlands.



Dutch Bed & Breakfast Classification
The Dutch Bed & Breakfast Classification makes the quality differences between B & B and insight through pink tulip symbols. Participating accommodations can earn one to five tulips. Each B & B is visited by a mystery guest and assessed on the basis of objective standards list. More than 520 bed and breakfasts in the Netherlands are members of the classification system. Among the B & Bs in the various categories of tulips every year the best accommodations proclaimed Foundation Bed & Breakfast Netherlands. More information, see www.bedandbreakfastclassificatie.nl.